Houston Diabetes Reversing Program

Houston Diabetes Reversing Program

Do you live in fear of diabetes complications?

Does your family history make you feel that aching limbs or amputations are your destiny?

Are you tired of feeling tired, heavy, and unhealthy?

You tried medication and self-injections, but those but those only manage the symptoms and cause side-effects. You changed your diet and exercise, and while you might have felt a little better, those changes didn’t reverse your diabetes. You know exactly how your health will continue to decline if you can’t do more than simply manage your symptoms.

Research Says

Recently, researchers conducting a study of diabetes-associated pain in 65 participants found that patients who received acupuncture treatment instead of medication experience 30% less pain than those who took medication.

You’re in the right place to truly heal your body and live pain-free and without medication.

Stop Hurting And Living In Fear Of Your Future.

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Schedule Your Consultation

Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

Our extensive, diagnostic testing will tell us exactly which foods are poisoning you and building up in your body.  We will make sure your hormones are in balance, especially cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone. We will also discover if your gut is unhealthy, and which nutrients aren’t absorbed properly. With balanced gut flora, nutrition is absorbed and nourishes the body. In addition, we can decrease your stressors and reduce the inflammation that creates an atmosphere friendly to diabetes.

Your customized wellness program built around the Five Pillars of Health (including Detoxification, Nutrition and Digestion, Balancing Hormone, Brain Health, Smart Exercise, Qigong, and natural therapy) will build your immune system so your body will become its own advocate. Through a concerted effort of detoxification, acupuncture, and meditation, we will relieve your body’s stress and find the right formula of habits to help you return from Diabetes even healthier than you were before.

Your Wellness

After our diagnostic testing and following your custom-wellness plan, you will see changes in about a month.

You will:

  • Reverse your Type II diabetes
  • Better protection for your eyes, heart, and brain
  • Reduce inflammation and lose 15-25 lbs. and look 20-40 lbs. lighter
  • Stop aching in your limbs
  • No more amputations
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for diabetes medication, depending if you have Type I or Type II diabetes, respectively
  • Have more energy and be more active