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At weMED, we provide dependable, lasting results because our approach is fundamentally different than most conventional medicine. Instead of treating your symptoms as isolated issues, we use our combined approach of Eastern and Western Medicine to evaluate your symptoms in the greater context of your overall health. Simply put, we treat all of you. No matter what relief you need, we assess the underlying causes of your symptoms so we can eradicate your ailment and restore your health. This multi-faceted approach is the key to our success and our patients’ positive experiences.

We strive to give our patients comprehensive treatment with our signature individual focus. To accomplish that goal, we offer a full slate of program options for whatever might ail our patients.

Houston Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Addiction Program

Does your fight against drug and alcohol dependence feel like an endless uphill battle without an apparent end in sight? We treat your dependency from the source of the problem, addressing both the chemical and emotional components, empowering you to regain control over your life.

Houston Allergy Treatment Program

Allergy Treatment

Tired of settling for temporary allergy relief? Our unique treatment plan not only identifies your specific sensitivities and allergies but also uses our tried-and-true methods to alleviate your allergies, once and for all.

Houston Asthma Treatment Program

Asthma Treatment

Isn’t it time to live your life without the threat of an asthma attack, disrupting your daily activities and threatening your quality of life?  We’ve treated scores of patients with asthma by balancing and strengthening their natural defenses, and we’d love to add you to the list.

cancer treatment wemed health

Cancer Treatment

Enduring cancer treatment can be its own battle, in addition to fighting cancer. Give yourself your healthiest shot with the doctors at weMED, who help cancer patients regain strength, balance, and energy for your fight and remission.

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Children’s Health

Don’t you want to do everything to keep your child from developing chronic illnesses and allergies? We use non-invasive, painless, and effective treatment for everything from food allergies to chronic ear infections for children’s best health.

Houston Cholesterol Rebalancing Treatment Program


Despite your commitment to lower your high cholesterol, everything you’ve tried—diet changes, increased exercise, and pricey medications—fails to produce results. At weMED, we have treated numerous patients grappling with high cholesterol by creating custom treatment plans to address the problem and improve your overall health, once and for all.

Houston Diabetes Reversing Program


Doesn’t it sometimes feel like you’re masking the symptoms of your diabetes, and not treating the diseases itself? Our doctors know how difficult it is to make progress with medication and self-injections, which is why they utilize a balanced approach to confront your diabetes at the source of the problem to heal your body.

Houston Digestive Health Treatment Program

Digestive Disorders

Suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder can feel like your gut is holding you hostage and causing you to be wary of certain foods and live in fear of being caught without a bathroom nearby. We know! We can help you heal your gut and get control over your life back.

Houston Anti-Aging and Facial Rejuvenation Program

Facial Rejuvenation

Isn’t it concerning to be told you look sad or angry, when you’re happy, but your wrinkles tell another story? Our holistic approach identifies and addresses the causes for your aged appearance, enhancing work you’ve had done, or giving you another option before going under the scalpel.

Houston Fibromyalgia Treatment Program


Want to gain control over your fatigue, depression, and constant aches? Our fibromyalgia patients have seen massive decreases in pain and considerable improvements in their energy after participating in our treatment program, and you can see those results too.

Houston Hypothyroidism Treatment


Being overweight can make you feel isolated, and losing weight too often feels like a lonely, impossible journey. We know you need the right kind of support to achieve a healthy weight, and our proven program works.

Infertility wemed health


Are you and your partner enduring costly fertility treatments and failed attempts to conceive? You’re in the right place to start de-stressing, detoxing, and create your most fertile environment.

Houston Macular Degeneration Program

Macular Degeneration

It’s devastating to lose the ability to perform daily activities or see the faces of your loved ones. Stop settling for a dire diagnosis and see what weMED is doing for patients suffering from MD, just like you.


Men’s Health

Gentlemen: if you’re experiencing decreased strength, diminished virility, and low libido, know that you don’t have to put up with those symptoms. Get your customized plan to balance your hormones and rejuvenate your health.

Houston Mental Health Programs: Anxiety and Phobias, Depression, and Stress

Mental Health Programs

There are few things more frustrating than feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, especially when those feelings begin to harm your physical health. We’ve got answers for your daily stressors and hormonal imbalances to brain activity, to restore your mental health.

Houston Pain Management Program

Pain Management

Chronic pain shouldn’t rule your life. We give relief to patients just like you, suffering from many different kinds of chronic pain, and often avoid surgery. Where do you hurt?


Skin Conditions

You don’t have to put up with itchy or blemished skin that causes you discomfort and makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Whether you suffer from eczema and psoriasis or acne, weMED will use a comprehensive and effective plan tailored to your needs.

Houston Insomnia Treatment Program


The lack of restful sleep can take a significant toll on your life—zapping your energy, diminishing your ability to concentrate, causing mood swings, and making you prone to illness. Under our unique and tailored treatment plans, you will sleep better and regain control of your life!

Houston Stroke Recovery Treatment Program

Stroke Recovery

A stroke can be devastating, especially if the aftermath includes memory loss, speech problems, and lost functionality; however, a stroke doesn’t have to have a permanent impact on your life. Check out our unique approach!

Houston Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Losing weight is difficult. Without an adequate support group, it can be demoralizing and draining when you work hard to shed pounds but don’t see results.

woman program wemed health

Women’s Health Program

Women’s bodies are complex, which means women deserve holistic care from their healthcare providers. You deserve a professional approach that recognizes you’ve got obligations, responsibilities, and goals. You need a plan that understands you have a life to live.