Houston Digestive Health Treatment Program

Houston Digestive Health Treatment Program: GERDS and Acid Reflux; IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s; Constipation

Are you unable to enjoy the foods you love?

Do you miss work or social events because you need to stay near a bathroom?

Is your severe constipation putting you at risk for esophageal and colon cancer?

Your digestive disorder does not have to be a way of life.

You’ve tried probiotics, Remicade (or other pharmaceuticals), and antacids, but those only control symptoms. You may have tried powerful antibiotics that made your problem worse or been told that since you didn’t fit the diagnostic criteria, there was nothing to help you. You might have even had an uncomfortable inconclusive colonoscopy and tried complicated elimination diets. And despite everything, your stomach is in knots, and you continue to live your life based on where the bathrooms are.

Did you know that you have 3-5 lbs microorganism in your gut? Your gut is where your body produces 90% of your serotonin and 50% dopamine, which are your body’s happiness chemicals. Because of this, we say that a happy gut makes a happy life. With this understanding, our success rate in balancing gut health is 90%.

 Let us help you find a better way to manage your digestive disorders.

Houston Weight Management Program

GERDS and Acid Reflux Relief

Done writing down everything you eat and feeling stuck on a permanent elimination diet? We’ll get you answers.

Houston Digestive Health Treatment Program

IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s Disease Treatment

Wouldn’t you like to know what is going wrong in your gut so you could just fix it?

weMED Wellness can give you the answers you seek.

Digestive Health Is Not A Luxury, But A Necessity For Your Overall Well-Being. Claim Yours Today.

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