Houston Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Have you noticed reduced strength in your hands?

Do you find it difficult to perform routine work tasks, such as typing or sitting at a desk?

Do you find that you can’t engage your favorite activities and hobbies like you used to because your wrist pain is overwhelming?

We can help you with all of those things.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

If you’re one of these millions of people searching for relief from wrist pain and tingling and numbness in your hands, you might have tried to make certain changes to your lifestyle, such as yoga or stretching exercises. Maybe you’ve worked on your posture and bought more ergonomic furniture. Maybe the pain and numbness have gotten so bad that you’ve turned to over the counter pain medication and prescription painkillers. Maybe you’re even considering surgery, despite all the risks associated with surgery.

Research Says

There’s a better way. In a recent study, reported on by The New York Times, researchers working with 80 participants suffering from carpal tunnel found that those who received acupuncture showed significant pain relief. This relief was measurable in both brain and nerve pain centers, while those who received a placebo treatment did not produce the same results. We can help you prolong or avoid surgery, too.

Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

 We will apply our comprehensive diagnostic testing and design a wellness plan tailored to your needs that does not include surgery. We will teach you the proper exercises to combat carpal tunnel after long hours at the computer. We will also test for any food intolerances you might have to decrease any inflammation worsening the problem. Additionally, we will target the source of your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with acupuncture and cupping.

Your Wellness

After our diagnostic testing and following your customized wellness plan, you should experience some relief in as little as three weeks.

Majority of you will:

  • Reduce your pain
  • Notice increased in sensation in your hands and fingers,
  • Alleviate tingling in your wrists, hands, and fingers
  • Experience greater stamina in repetitive motion
  • Improve the posture and structure of your body