Studies suggest that some 29 million people in the U.S. suffer from diabetes. Several million more, perhaps as many as 84 million, are living with a condition known as prediabetes that frequently leads to a diabetes diagnosis within two years. Those numbers are staggering, but it’s just as shocking to realize that most of those cases are preventable. What’s more, it may be possible to reverse the effects of the disease with diabetes treatment in Houston.

The more you understand about the disease and what causes it, the more likely you are to be able to protect yourself from it. Additionally, people who have already been diagnosed will be better able to control their condition when they know more about the disease and diabetes treatment in Houston.

Diabetes is the result of having too much blood sugar in your system. Blood sugar, which may be referred to as glucose, is the primary energy source for your body. You take in glucose pretty nearly every time you eat, and your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin that removes glucose from food and moves it to your cells where it can be used as energy. However, sometimes the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or stops producing it entirely. This leaves an excess of glucose in your bloodstream, which leads to numerous concerning conditions.

Diabetes is associated with increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and dental disease. People with the condition are more likely to suffer a stroke. Nerve damage and foot and eye problems frequently develop. Many of these health problems can become life-threatening.

Fortunately, the news for people who have diabetes is not all bad. A nutritious, low-sugar diet and regular exercise can make a considerable improvement. However, most people simply need more hands-on guidance to make these changes. This is where the healthcare professionals at weMED Wellness can help you.

You’ll undergo comprehensive testing to determine precisely which foods are causing the most complications so that you can reduce your intake or eliminate them from your diet. By so doing, you’ll reduce inflammation, lose weight and be healthier overall. Many of our patients have been able to effectively reverse their diabetes diagnosis, ensuring fewer health complications over the long run.

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