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Diabetes Reversed by Functional Medicine


Diabetes Reversed by Functional Medicine Are you scared of diabetes, because you are having tingling and/or burning sensation in your feet, decreased vision, decreased kidney function, have had a heart attack and are taking too many medications? 1. Medications are Necessary and Helpful However, the Eyes, Kidneys, Heart and Nerve Damage can still occur, leading many people towards amputation, blindness, or kidney failure; unless diabetes is reversed and medications are reduced. 2. Type II Diabetes Reversed by Functional Medicine. weMED Functional Medicine Program has helped many patients reverse diabetes, most of them enjoyed freedom from diabetic complications. 3. Type [...]

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5 Steps to Reverse Kidney Failure!


Your doctor may have told you that your kidney function is not reversible, and that you need kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant. Through our weMED Kidney Program, we have helped the majority of our patients improve their kidney function and many have avoided kidney dialysis and even avoided a kidney transplant. HOW and WHY? While working with your nephrologists, we focus on eliminating the root causes that caused your kidney damage in the first place. We do this by utilizing nutrition, detoxification, fitness, and powerful natural therapies to heal the kidney. This helps prevent the need of [...]

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Reversing Hypothyroidism


Still feeling brain fog, experiencing fatigue, hair loss and inability to lose weight? Are you concerned about memory loss? Not surprising. Low thyroid function will not only affect metabolism but also impede brain development for children and cause dementia in adults. Medication is sometimes not enough to solve the problem, but why? Often, low thyroid hormone can result from at least 10 different reasons (see picture 5: The Positive and Negative Factors Affect Thyroid ). The success of our weMED Thyroid Program is building upon addressing the root causes of hypothyroidism, such as autoimmune disease, digestive issues, stress and [...]

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